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My Favourite World Cup Goal - Matty Shite Seats

June 10, 2014

David Platt – Italia 90 - Belgium – Round Of 16

Whilst I was only a mere 6 years of age, Italia 90 was my first real memory of the existence of THE beautiful game. 

I can’t remember many goals, or games from actually during the World Cup but can recall my Dad getting excited during the summer holidays as we slowly made our way through the group stages.  A few people with union jack style bunting in the street.

Into the second ‘phase’ and we were up against Belgium. 

My dad sat in his red velvet chair, little bottle of beer and ready to go. 

On comes Bobby Robson on the old TV (one of those wooden surround ones), father with a wry smile and telling me “he’s from up here son”.

I can’t remember much from the match.

I was probably too busy putting stickers into my Italia 90 Panini album, with a little Coca Cola Italia 90 ball with the little logo on, or playing with a little Chris Waddle ‘coin’ you got from the Esso Garage up the road.

All of a sudden my dad yelled at the top of his voice (I probably got a fright at this point) ‘Come on Gazza sunna!’ – I looked up and Gazza had just been fouled after a deft turn and a mazy run. 

Time was ticking on.

The free kick was dinked beautifully by Gazza towards the far post and Platt turned the ball in with a delightful over the shoulder volley. 

I can still see Lineker smiling back towards the cameras as he piled on top of the rest of the players in celebration and then the camera cutting to Bobby doing his little dance down the touchline!

My Dad jumping around like a loon and him getting wrong off my mother…which of course to a 6 year old was hilarious. 

Peep peep.  Full time after extra time.

My dad picked me up, hoyed me up in the air, over his shoulders and said “You know Son, we could bloody do this…”

“Do what?” was my innocent reply.

“Win the World Cup of course ya daft sod!”

If only.

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