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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

November 17, 2011
A few words about our stadium being raped of its heritage and history.
Text Message - Get on Twitter now, you'll not believe what he's done now...
The thing is, I had a feeling about what was awaiting me when I logged onto the social networking equivalent of a fat loud mouth wifey, wearing leggings leaning over her back fence spreading bile into the ether.
When I read the news, it didn't surprise me, it still doesn't. What else did he have left to desecrate with his red and blue rubbish? At first I was a bit numb towards the whole thing, kind of ignoring it, shrugging it off and going about my day. Now, however, I've had nearly a week to stew and now I'm boiling over with anger, shame, embarrassment and downright incredulity at how one mans ego trip can be used to strip a local landmark of its identity in order to peddle third rate sportswear.
Ashley has made some unbelievable PR blunders over the years, but how out of touch do you have to be with your customers, to think that this is a good idea???
He says "we had no choice" "it will make the club £8-10m a year". In my opinion, the name St James Park is worth ten times that amount and the memories and history which we have experienced there are literally priceless.
Regardless of what our stadium ends up being officially called, it will always be St James' Park to the people who matter. The fans.
Taylor x