Apr 30, 2015

What’s the fucking point?

Alreet scallywags, it's another True Faith Podcast for you earholes. We're back to talk all about the sterling job being done by our club to make sure that we'll all want to forget this season, we craic on about what happens next at NUFC, boycotts, protests, tears and tantrums.

Enjoy mofos xx

Apr 9, 2015

Dicks and Umbrellas

Good morrow fine folk of the internet, I hope we find you well. In this episode of our little podcast we'll be doing everything in our power not to talk about the derby and will continue the ongoing saga which is Besty's rabbit hutch wars. Pease and Gloves xx


Mar 10, 2015

Spitting In The Wind

Hello again dear readers, I hope you have had a jolly nice few weeks since we last spoke. We're back with more waffle and that and hope you enjoy it a lot. 

Be good
T&B xx

Feb 5, 2015

A Bit More Cow’s Arse?

Hello dear friends, hope we haven't interrupted you doing anything you shouldn't, but it's new podcast gosh darn it. We're joined in this episode by the syrupy voiced sports writer and all round good egg Mr George Caulkin from the Times. We discuss the window, bovine anus, what exactly is Mike up to and a whole host of other shite, some of it rather fun. So slip into something less comfortable and enjoy the next hour and a bit of white hot football chat.

Love to your mothers
T&B xx

Jan 15, 2015

F**k My Hat

Hello once more dear friends and welcome to the first True Faith Podcast of 2015!! We've got all kinds of stuff to talk to you about all covered with our usual insightful expertise and prowess. Listen out for a special phone call in the middle. ENJOY xx T&B


Dec 6, 2014

There Ain’t No Party Like A Podcast Party

Alright pet? Hope you're doing alright and are looking forward to a new episode of our lovely podcast. Best listened to using both of your ears. We've got a special guest on this week so sit back as we talk about QPR, Burnley and West Ham and all other manner of nonsense. Enjoy you filthy pigs x T&B


Nov 20, 2014

A True Faith Podcast Special - Books

Welcome to a very special episode of The True Faith Podcast. We have 2 very special guests who have recently written books about our glorious black and whites. I'll not spoil the surprise here though. get stuck in. T&B xx


Nov 12, 2014

He Just Needs a Cuddle

Careful now, let's not get all excited, but everything is going well for the first time in fucking ages. So please enjoy our latest Podcast with your ears. Loads to talk about in our usual well polished and professional way. Laters fuckos. T&B xx


Oct 25, 2014

Jam and Dirty Fish

Alreet you lot? It's that time again were we say good bye to reality and stroll through the enchanted garden that is Newcastle United. It's the True Faith Podcast sponsored by Phoenix Taxis!!! Your tour guides today are a man with a broken arm and a man with hairy shoulders. This time we'll be going through the squad in a kind of teachers report style, talking a bit about the fans forum and generally larking about. Love and tugs T&B xx


Sep 11, 2014

Nut Allergy Man and Rabbit Pervert

Look out you beautiful bastards, it's a brand new True Faith Podcast, sponsored by Phoenix Taxis!! We cast a beady eye over the start of the season, the outgoings, the manager, the goals, the mistakes, the tears and the tantrums. Happy fucking days. Enjoy you swines. Love T&B xx


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